by Vishal Sundararajan @ 17/07/2016 9:00 AM

I took the hard way of learning that even though we have a pretty decent connection which doesn’t go down often ,a poor modem will make it look like so and that made me to choose quality over features .Before you start ,if you are bored of reading written reviews head over to this YouTube link and watch my review of this device. This written review is for those who need an in-depth information of this device.

Box Packaging and Contents

You get a pretty decent packaging with features highlighted over the box.

Looking over the components provided you get a telephone cable ,an ADSL splitter ,an Ethernet cable(yellow colour) ,documentation ,power adapter (which is like 2-3 meters roughly ) and the modem/router itself.I can easily say the components are made of high quality material and they seem to last longer . I have used the Ethernet cable for connecting the modem to my TP link archer C20i router.


Design and Features Overview

The device itself is fairly small and you will have no issues placing it in your shelf or anywhere , the antenna design itself looks nice and you get a NETGEAR branding over the antenna .,the activity indicators are decently lit and you can find the functionality of the each indicator at the back of the modem.


The holes that you see is for the heat vents which are also located at the sides of the modem.Mounting options are provided in case if you want to place your modem over a wall to save space or so.


Looking at the features of this product ,you get 2 LAN ports in which one acts as both WAN/LAN and an ADSL port for those who are using Internet with voice. I would call this as the highlighting feature of this product because none of the products in this price range of RS 1100-1200 offers this functionality . For a person like me who is still using an ADSL connection and waiting for the fibre connection to arrive , this device will save the cost of buying a new device because you can use it for both DSL and ADSL connection.Personally i brought this product for this feature because i already have a very capable router , Since my modem is dead i was looking for a reliable replacement which will be useful even after i upgrade my connection to a fibernet one and the NETGEAR D500 was the only cheapest and the most reliable option i was able to find.

About the other features ,you get the normal 150mbps single antenna , a reset button and a power on/off button.

Modem Interface overview

Setting up the modem is very easy, the built in setup wizard called genie will automatically detect you connection type and assign  the best possible settings , even the SNR and attenuation values are automatically set at the run time to provide you the best possible stable connection .The connection i’m currently using is the BSNL 8 mbps connection and so i’m operating in PPoE mode.

Here are some pictures on the options provided by the modem’s interface ,Note that the firmware hasn’t been upgraded as of now since i don’t expect most users to regularly update their firmware. I will post the performance with the update firmware compared with the initial firmware.The version of the initial version is at the top right corner of the setup page.

First page on clicking the Advanced tab
basic page
First Page of the Modem
connection statistics
Connection Statistics
internet setup
ADSL Configuration
wireles setup
Wireless configuration
Xdsl setup
ADSL status


Since i have already set the connection you will see a different set of options initially but after the connection has been set ,the above pictures are the options that you will see after the modem has been configured. I have covered only the important aspects of the modem , the rest you don’t need to look much into it since it’s only for users who look to tweak the modem a bit further to get the most out of the product.

Performance Analysis

I couldn’t find any detailed hardware information on this product but looking at the specifications of it’s elder product the NETGEAR D1500 ,it’s probably a realtek chipset used in this modem. I don’t bother about the specifications as long as the performance is good enough .

The reason for the  brands like Asus  and NETGEAR differentiating itself from the other cheaper products is the reliability of the product itself and i’m happy to say that i’m very satisfied with the performance of the product as a modem.I didn’t find any situations where i need to go to my telephone exchange that the connection is pretty bad, Even though the BSNL guys didn’t care on what i was asking them to do ,this modem has saved me from making frequent visits to the telephone exchange for line complaints .

Based on the quality of the line , the modem itself adjusts parameters to ensure uninterrupted service with the penalty of bandwidth.From my standpoint it is any day better on getting a slightly slower internet connection instead of not getting internet connection at all.

As i’m writing this review i would like to say that the modem was running straight for 2 days continuously and i did not have any issues such as random restart or any connection drops , the modem firmware is stable enough not to mess up with the service and this is what i expect from a brand like NETGEAR and i’m satisfied with it.

WiFi performance

Since this is a single antenna based modem , i wasn’t expecting more from the signal reception standpoint and i was not surprised because the wireless range was as expected from a single antenna ,decent WiFi range if you stay within 10-15 feet from the modem.

I tested the WiFi performance with my TP link archer c20i which has dual antennas for the 2.4GHz and as expected the archer c20i performed way better than the D500 ,heck even the 5GHz band of the archer c20i was offering me a slightly better signal than the D500 which i think is due to little to no interference from other devices.

The access point vishal is from the NETGEAR D500 and the vishal@2.4GHz is from the TP link archer c20i.

wifi perf

Therefore this modem is suited for those only who live in small to medium sized houses ,The performance is adequate for a single antenna based modem/router and you will not experience any drop connections as long as your ISP offers you one . ,also i would like to mention a point on how the modem/router placement is very important for the WiFi performance , make sure that you place the product at the centre of the house and not at the corner of some room .I have seen this in many houses and i have heard people complaining ISP’s that the speed is not good enough when they were using it through WiFi .For those people my only advice is to connect the modem/router using an Ethernet cable and check the speeds .You may experience lower speeds due to poor WiFi signal reception or even the modem might have been damaged if it’s a pretty old one like 2 years or above.

On total the stability of the modem is rock solid which you will not find with many other cheaper brands and the WiFi performance is decent as expected from a single antenna based modem/router. As long as you live in a small to medium sized house and you place the product at the right position in the house, this product will be more than sufficient for you.


The NETGEAR D500 is a solid modem/router which supports both ADSL and DSL connections at a cheaper price with excellent support from NETGEAR , buy this if you want the most reliable performer and your devices are within 10 feet range from the can easily connect 5-6 devices with this product and get pretty decent WiFi speeds . I will post the performance of this product with the updated firmware after some time ,till then bye…