Lenovo has rolled out VOLTE support for Lenovo vibe k5 plus (3GB variant , not to be confused with normal vibe k5 (2GB variant) through an OTA update so that we could make free calls using JIO without using mobile data  but, there is a catch , Installing the updates . Unfortunately due to multiple variants of k5 plus sold over the globe, the update script seems to not figure out which country the phone is for , say India or China. So It displays the error message  shown below when we try to install the updates .

Image result for cannot switch carriers lenovo vibe k5 plus

The fix for this one is very simple , manually set the country to India through recovery . If you have already downloaded the OTA update and got a failed message as above , follow from step 1, else skip step 1 and move to step 2.

Step 1 :

To download OTA updates navigate to , settings->system updates->search for updates and download them but Don’t Install them.  It may take a while to download the updates depending on the speed of your Internet connection. The size of the update ranges between 40-50 MB .

Step 2:

Switch off the phone , take out the SIM(s) and the SD card then boot into the recovery by pressing VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON at the same time, if you did this right, you will get a vibration feedback and see this menu below which is the Android system recovery itself.

Image result for lenovo vibe k5 plus recovery mode

Use the volume up and volume down keys to select the options and power button to confirm the option , Therefore here navigate to the option “apply update from sdcard” using volume buttons and press power button to confirm .

Step 3:

You will see a list of folders , find folder named “carrier0” and press power button ,Search for the filename India.OTA and then press power button to install the update . Wait for sometime for the phone to install the update , On successful installation , the phone will get rebooted .

NOTE : If “carrier0” folder is not visible then reboot the phone and download the OTA update again .

Step 4:

If step3 is a success , then you have successfully configured your phone to receive OTA updates specifically targeted for Indian region.  Now the final one .

Since you have set the region to India , you can receive and download updates without any issues , To install updates just follow the step 1 and so you will not find any issues installing  JIO VOLTE update .

To the End

It’s a shame that Lenovo has made a buggy update script which clearly separates itself from the tier 1 manufacturers like Samsung,LG,Motorola, HTC where at-least the so called essential things such as installing updates work properly because non- tech savvy users might not know how the OTA update works and they don’t want to visit the service center frequently  . Keeping the experience as simple as possible will help make consumers more easy to use , I’m pointing  you , the chinese OEMs for making Android so hard to use by burying so many features into the ROM and making the phone laggy and difficult to use .

Anyway , Happy talking ….