I’m sure the readers who are reading this article would have already read the reviews about Xiaomi redmi 4A and heard that it’s the only device at 6k that offers very good value for money and so in response i’m posting this article to tell you guys that there is an alternative to the redmi 4A which is the LYF water 10 which is available well under RS 6000.

To know in- depth about LYF water 10 , I would request to read my full review of it here https://silicontechreviews.wordpress.com/2017/06/25/lyf-water-10-review-best-specd-smartphone-around-5k/ . I will just post some benchmark scores that i got from testing Redmi 4A and some camera samples so that a decision can be made during the purchase.

Video Recording quality under indoor conditions

Here are the videos taken under artificial light with both phones and you be the judge on deciding which is better

Xiaomi Redmi 4A video recording in Indoors

LYF water 10 video recording in Indoors


Although the flash is turned on with LYF water 10 ,there is not much of difference with flash turned off but the main advantage i see in LYF water 10 is that the frame rate seems to be a lot better than the Redmi 4A.

Available RAM with all apps cleared from background

The LYF water 10 seems to have 1.3 GB available RAM with all recent apps cleared and Redmi 4A has 1 -1.1 GB of RAM . Although i could see the Redmi 4A easily filling up the available RAM due to heavy MIUI interface even on simple operations whereas the LYF water 10 consistently has more than 1GB of RAM free due to stock Android nature and due to it’s 3GB RAM presence.