The 1GB variant Karbonn Aura is sold around RS 3000 in various e-commerce websites and if you are planning to buy a cheap and decent smartphone maybe as your secondary device then do watch my video review to get to a purchase decision.

Official Information about this product :

karbonn Aura Device screenshot
Device looks as per the official website (Credits to karbonn)
  • Pros
    • Very decent screen quality  for the price, No negative photo effects when the display at tilted horizontally or vertically.
    • Auto-focus rear camera
    • FM radio support
    • Android lollipop 5.1
    • 5 inch screen with a below average resolution of 480×800 px
    • Decent spectrum quadcore Chipset @1.2GHz for basic operations such as calling, whatsapp and youtube.
    • Very good build quality
    • No heating issues
    • Removable battery with dedicated sd card slot and dual SIM support
    • Good signal reception and call quality.
    • Headset is also included.
    • Decent loudspeaker
  • Cons
    • Random ads popping up in the home launcher no matter what launcher you are using , it seems karbonn has installed some adware installed out of the box that displays ads, I could see other karbonn service that are responsible for displaying ads on the home screen . Disabling all the karbonn specific service solves the problem but this requires some technical knowledge.
    • No back lit capacitive buttons , elder people often felt they did not know whether they have tapped the home or back button . Turning on haptic feedback on capacitive touch seems to solve this problem
    • Slower UI, the animation transitions seems to take a hit on how fast the UI is delivered. Turning off the animation from developer options solves the issue.
    • One SIM supports 3G and the other supports only 2G.
    • SIM insertion is a very tough task in this phone since there is a good probability that during the SIM insertion you might break the SIM slot , Therefore one must be careful while inserting the SIM’s.

On the whole , i could say if the Adware problem is solved by karbonn when shipping the product, this is a very good phone for the price of RS 3000 . Also with some websites you can get it for RS 2800 with some cashback.

karbonn Aura 1GB variant camera review

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