Before reading my take on this ROM, I would like to say that if you are looking for camera improvements in this ROM when compared to the stock ROM then do not install this ROM and therefore skip reading this post. Also i do not game in this phone as i’m not game with my phone(I have a PC which does this very well).

Here i have listed my impressions on this ROM after 3 weeks of usage in the form of pros and cons Also Note that i’m not a sprint user so i’m using this phone as a GSM device with Airtel SIM in it. Since the Airtel’s 4G frequency is not supported by this device, i am  stuck with 3G. Even with CDMA workshop i wasn’t able to change the 4G frequencies because i could not get the MSL value .


  • Excellent performance in general usage and especially with web browsing. The scrolling performance is lot better than the stock ROM and the web page load times have drastically improved when compared to the stock ROM .I Assume this is due to the updated drivers.
  • Heating issues have been solved to a significant extent, i think this is due to some kind of undervolting being done with the cores and also using some strict core management algorithms. I could see the phone easily keeping up with the demand during resource hungry scenarios such as web browsing or a heavy native application .
  • No GPS issues so far, i navigated to the work place with my phone in pocket using the turn by turn directions assisted by Google Maps which is then heard through my earphones. Also i can say compass works fine. If you have problem with GPS, you should lock the GPS position once when you in the stock ROM and then flash the custom ROM.
  • No issues encountered with any other sensors such as proximity,light or gyroscope and the alarm clock works fine.
  • Very good App load speeds. Even though the phone has only 2GB of RAM, for heavy users where more number of apps cannot be kept in memory, this ROM offers pretty good app launch speeds even after a cold restart. I could easily use applications like twitter and chrome just after a minute i reboot the phone.


  • Chinese characters are being displayed in the dialer when calling and this occurs only if the contact is not stored in the phone. The default language when i installed the ROM was Chinese but i changed it to English and yet still the problem persists.
    • Screenshot_20170704-211612[1]
  • Call drops occurred as the network was unstable sometimes, the phone frequently changes between 3G, H and E which created call drops . Although this does not occur very frequently.
  • Mail sent using Gmail app doesn’t reach the respective recipient even though the app tells that the mail is sent.
  • Chinese Bloatware apps which cannot be uninstalled but can only be disabled.
  • Random reboot , this is probably the most frustrating problem with this ROM. The phone gets restarted either when the phone is stressed to max or when its simply idle. This is one of the main reason that makes this phone not totally okay as a daily driver and this happens to me daily . I use only 4-5 Apps a day.
  • You will not be able to play proper 720p60FPS or 1080p 60FPS videos with this ROM as there is a huge audio and video sync issues while playing the video or the phone just restarts itself . The problem is so bad that i had to either restart the phone or force kill all apps in the background to make the videos in the youtube app play again properly atleast at 480p. I can even see some rendering problems like pink color with green lines over the screen as if the GPU inside this phone is going to die . Sad that this did not happen with stock ROM . Therefore playing a 480p video will not be an issue and sometimes 720p30FPS video but 60FPS video is a no go.
  • FM radio is not working , I tried with so many apps in playstore to try to make the FM radio work but it did not . Apps like FM radio is a very regularly used application in my country(India ) and it’s sad that the FM radio which worked in stock ROM does not work in this ROM. . I’m sure that there are no drivers included in the kernel for FM radio functionality.
  • Cellular signal level is always low and therefore the battery status reports the cellular reception in orange colour indicating poor reception. I would like to say that the there is no problem with reception quality which is almost same with the stock ROM. It’s just that the values are being reported wrongly and so the signal bar always stays low.
  • Speaker is not as loud nor a quality one in this ROM, Though the ViperFxAndroid app was factory installed in this ROM, it seems there are no drivers installed for it and so the sound quality through the headphones and through the loudspeaker is below average when compared to the stock ROM.
  • Battery life is not as good as stock ROM. I think this proves why the performance of this ROM is very good which took a hit at the battery life. For me it did not matter much as the performance increase was worth for the sacrifice in battery life.
  • Charging speeds not increased. It’s same as stock ROM which takes almost 3 hours to fully charge the phone.
  • Features like fast charging, through USB, Double Tap To Wake and logo to home features are not present.
  •  Navigation from any other app to the home launcher takes more than a second. I tried with both stock and Nova launcher and this problem did not get solved.
  • Data connection doesn’t work at times and i had to restart the phone regularly to make the data connection work.
  • WiFi connection doesn’t automatically connect to the access point some times.
  • Locking apps in memory does not work. There is a lock icon in the recent apps tray where we can prevent apps from getting killed out of memory but unfortunately this feature doesn’t work. I tried locking the dialer app but after i cleared the recent apps, the dialer app was killed .
  • Camera is bad . This applies to both front and rear camera.

Final Thoughts

This ROM is for users who needs only performance.The device will be a lot responsive when compared to the stock ROM but As far as stability, audio,camera quality is concerned the stock ROM does a lot better than this ROM. I request the dev at least to fix the Random Reboot issue and YouTube video playing issue as all other problems such as camera, FM radio and some other bugs can be easily overcome just for the excellent performance offered by this phone.